Yoga Classes

The word yoga means to ‘link together’ to ‘harness’ or to ‘bring under one yoke’ the different aspects of being: The body and body sensations, the mind with emotions feelings and felt experience, and the spirit.

Hatha Yoga
The practice of Hatha Yoga includes the practice of poses called asana, and the practice of conscious and deliberate skillful breathing called pranayama. Hatha yoga teaches the practitioner to access their inner world from the perspective and reality of body, the breath, and focused deliberate awareness and attention.

Iyengar style yoga
Iyengar style yoga is a form of yoga practice focusing on creating flexibility, strength, endurance, self-awareness and self-cultivation. With focused attention on alignment in the poses this style of yoga can facilitate opening of the body, release of tensions, and correction of misalignments and psychophysical imbalances. Practitioners find that this style of yoga gives both a thorough workout and a sense of relaxation, release, emotional calm, rejuvenation, and spiritual peace.

Vinyasa Style yoga
Literally translated, ‘vinyasa’ means ‘to arrange’ or ‘to place in a special way’. But often, it is simply translated as ‘flow’, and this can be a useful way to think of vinyasa. It refers to a carefully arranged sequence of asanas (yoga postures). Movement from one asana to the next follows the breath. The result is a smooth, flowing class that becomes almost dance-like.

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